How Do I Setup and Manage Notifications/Alerts in Alaia?

Alaia offers a variety of notifications that you can setup through your Profile Settings on your Alaia app. Open Alaia app on your (parent/admin) phone, select Family option in Dashboard > My Alaia > My Profile.  

You can choose to receive notifications by selecting from the list of available notifications.

Once you enable a notification, make sure that it gets saved.

App Request:

If your child tries to access a blocked app (in an Android device), they will get an option to request access. Once they request access, you will receive a notification about that in your device. You can choose to allow or reject the request.

Child Task Completion Without Approval: 

If your child completes a task which doesn't need your approval, you will get a notification about it.

Device Inactivity:

Enabling this option will send you a notification when your kid’s devices are not active for a specified time. You can choose allowed inactivity time from one day to one week.

Email Reports:

This option allows you to set daily/weekly email reports to be sent to your registered email. The reports will have a detailed list of websites that your child accessed on his/her device.

New App Installation:

When your child downloads a new app on the device, you will get notified instantly if this option is enabled. You can then allow or block that specific app through Mobile Apps feature.

Website request:

Access to certain websites may get blocked based on your child’s filtering settings. In case they need access to a specific website, they can do so by tapping on the ‘Request Access’ button in the blocked page.

You will be notified instantly about the request if this option is enabled. You can choose to allow/reject this request. Click on Menu in Alaia app (under Family tab) and tap on the 'My messages' to view the list of requests.

Profile Deletion Alert: 

Enable this option to get notified when your children remove Alaia EDM profile from his/her devices.

NOTE: These steps can be done through your online web portal as well. Learn More

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