How Do I Customize Website Categories through Alaia?


This article shows you how to regulate the Internet usage in your family by category or based on age-appropriate classification of content.

Summary: Open Alaia app on your (parent/admin) phone, select Family option in Dashboard > My Alaia > My Family > Configure below the specific profile that you wish to customize settings > select Web Categories.

This can be done through Alaia online Web portal as well. Please login to your account at through any browser/device > Family from the left panel > Configure.


Open Alaia App on your phone > Select Family from the Dashboard main menu > select My Alaia > My Family.

Find your child profile under the Children tab and select 'Configure'. Then select ‘Web Categories’ from the panel at the bottom of your screen.

Based on the age of your child, Alaia pre-selects age-appropriate categories to be allowed or blocked. Review this list and customize as necessary based on the rules in your family.

You can allow or block any category as needed. (Green means allowed)

Click on 'Done' and then on 'Save' at the top right corner of the next window to save the changes you just made for the profile.

You will see a small message that says 'Updated' at the bottom, once your changes are saved.

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