How Do I Setup and Manage Screen time in Alaia?


This article describes how to use Alaia's parental controls to limit the screen time your family spends on smartphones, tabs and computers. You can setup activities for your children and provide screen time allowance based on their achievements.

Summary: Launch Alaia and sign in as a Parent on your phone and select Screentime from the menu.


Open the Alaia App and sign in as a Parent on your phone (or sign into the Alaia Portal) and select Screen time from the menu.

The list of all the profiles in your account will be listed. Choose 'Set' for the profile that you wish to setup Screen time.

Choose your time zone from the drop down options available and Save.

Click on 'New Schedule'  and select the days to which you apply the settings.

Clicking on 'Allow screen time for selected days' will allow all 24 hrs access.

Else, choose the time window for which you wish your child to have access to apps and internet on his/her device. You can create multiple Windows based on your child's day-to-day schedule and activities.

Setup scheduled screen time for the whole week. Touch ‘Apply’ at the top right to save your selection.

Apply screentime settings

If screen time is currently blocked, you can choose to ‘Extend’ it by up to 2 hrs.

Extend current screentime restriction

If screen time is currently allowed, you can block it instantly as well.

Block screen time instantly

Optionally, you can also lock all family devices instantly, and get your children to spend some quality family time. 

lock all family devices instantly

Note: For full functionality on iOS, your child's device should be 'Supervised'. Learn More

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