How Do I Setup Alaia in My Mac/Macbook?


This article describes how to

  • setup Alaia's parental controls to protect your family on the iMac or Macbooks
  • enable filtering for each Mac user account 

Summary: Download and enable Alaia on the Mac using your account and map each child to his / her Alaia child profile.

Before you Begin

Please ensure that

  • You are logged into the Mac computer as an administrator.
  • Your Mac computer has macOS 10.10 and above. Alaia does not support older versions.
  • You created an account on or using the Alaia app (logged in as Parent) and added 'Child Profiles' for each of your child. 
  • Mac Parental controls are disabled as it will conflict with Alaia Parental controls.


Sign Up

Go to and click on 'Sign In' at top right corner and then on 'Sign up', to create an account and add your children or 'Sign In' with your credentials if you already have an account. Once the account is created, you will see a confirmation and receive an email.

Enable Alaia's Parental Controls on macOS

Please ensure that you have created separate user accounts for each of your children on your Mac with standard access and not administrator access. Login as administrator on the Mac. 

Download Alaia for macOS and open the installer.

Read and agree to the terms of the software license agreement.

Click on Install in the next page to initiate installation.

Once the installation is complete, close the installer and click on the Alaia icon on the menu bar and click on 'Enable Filter' for the specific user account you wish to enable filtering.

Login to your Alaia account (you will have the option to create a new account if you haven't created one already).

Let the device go through the registration process which includes 'Getting Device Details', 'Enabling Screen time Support' and 'Finishing up' complete.

Once the registration is successfully completed, click on All Set to Go - please note that you are not done with the setup yet. 

Enable Alaia for Each User Account 

The next step is to connect each Mac user account to their Alaia child profile. Click on Alaia icon on the menu bar and 'Enable Filter' again for the specific user account.

The following screen will show the list of user accounts you have on your Mac.

Click on the specific account and map it to the relevant child profile in your Alaia account. In case you haven't created child profiles, please login to your account on any browser and create child profiles for your children.

Choose the desired child profile for the user account and click on Save.

The profile will be assigned to that user account. 

Repeat the same steps for the other user accounts (if any) you have on your Mac device.

Thats it! Once your child logs in to your Mac device with their user account info, their specific profile will be applied and filtering will be enabled.

Please make sure that all the Settings are turned on, specifically the 'Automatically check for update' and 'Automatically download update if available'.

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