How Do I Setup Alaia on My Family's iPhone or iPad?


This article shows you how to setup Alaia on an iOS device - an iPhone or an iPad. You can either set it up for yourself or for your kids.

Before You Begin

Using the Alaia app, you can

  • purchase an Alaia subscription
  • add your children and customize their profile settings
  • setup Alaia well being app for yourself
  • access your children's activity including the time spent on social media, most watched videos and websites, etc.
  • set and customize screen time limits, allow/block apps, websites, website categories, keywords and phrases and get notifications for each of your children (after installing Alaia on your child's device)
  • set mindfulness options and exercises, review your child’s happiness question ratings, etc.

Please note that 

  • Monitoring won't start until the Alaia MDM profile is installed on your child's device. If you would like to get the full capabilities of the Alaia Parental Controls, please set up your child's device in the  'Supervise' mode.
  • You need to have access to your children's device so that you can install Alaia on their device and begin monitoring. Please ensure adding each of your children separately so you can monitor their activities accurately.
  • All capabilities available in the Family option is also available in the customer Dashboard when you login on


Download Alaia from App Store on your iPhone or iPad. Launch it and click on Next and Continue.

You can create an account by providing your email and a password or login with your account credentials if you already have an account.

Once done, the app will walk you through some highlights and tips on setting it up and how you can use the app.

Some features are available with the free plan. To have access to all the features, you will need a Premium subscription. Please refer to our pricing page for complete details on what is included in each plan. 

If you are planning to set up Alaia for your child, you will need a Premium subscription. Family features cannot be accessed without subscription. 

Tap on the Menu at the top left corner of the app > My Subscriptions to view your options.

Once you select a plan, all the features offered under that plan will be displayed.

Choose a plan that suits you and proceed with the purchase.

You will see the below screen upon successful completion of purchase.

Select ‘Add Children’ in the following window to add your children one at a time. You will need to set up at least one of your children by adding their age and set their filtering settings to complete the parent app set up.

Add your child’s name, age and choose how you would like the filtering restrictions set for your child from the drop down under Filter content. You can customize the filtering restrictions now by choosing the option ‘Configure Filter content’ or revisit this later.

‘Edit’ option allows you to change the data you set up for your child (age, name, and restriction level).

Make changes if required and click on Save and then ‘Done’

Once you are done with this step, you have two options - Setup for yourself and Setup for your Child.

Child Device Setup:

Choose ‘Assign device to a child’ option if you are setting up Alaia for your child.

Enable Location Access and Notifications to proceed further.

Alaia MDM profile setup starts. You need to download the profile and install it on your child’s device to enable filtering on it. Please make sure that Safari is enabled on the device before initiating this process.

Follow the prompts to complete download and setup.

Once the download is complete, open Settings app and install the downloaded profile.

Click on ‘Done’ and then launch Alaia app again.

Once the setup is successful, child dashboard will show up.

Thats it! Alaia has been successfully setup on your child’s device and inappropriate content will be blocked in the device.

To learn more about Child dashboard features, check this page.

Setup for Self (Parent):

Choose ‘Go to Your Dashboard’ option if you are setting up Alaia for yourself.

  • Family option gives you all the options that you need to monitor and manage your child’s device. This includes Screen Time, Things to do, Mindfulness, Happiness Question (for your child), Location, Apps. You can also manage My Alaia section and view your Messages here.

  • Personal option gives you the options you can choose for self well being that includes Mindfulness, Happiness Question (for you). You can also manage your Profile, Subscriptions here.

The home page in your dashboard displays the unique Alaia rings - that shows Screen Time, Mindfulness, Things to Do and Happiness statuses of the child. The line on the 'a' shows the overall status of your child.

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