Why Should I Supervise My Child's iPhone or iPad? Is it Safe to Place Devices in 'Supervised Mode'?

A 'Supervised' iOS device allows you to have a more holistic control over your child's digital experience and will ensure that all the premium features work correctly. Specifically, in order to block unnecessary/inappropriate apps and games, you need to install Alaia's 'Supervision' tool on your child's iPhone or iPad. In other words, you will be able to block unnecessary/inappropriate apps and games from your child's device only on a Supervised iPhone or iPad. Other features like tracking your child's location, applying screen time and customizing the filter settings will work without the supervision tool.

'Supervised Mode' is completely safe! Supervision is a regular process provided officially by Apple to prepare a device for remote management from applications like Alaia. This mode is widely used by schools, districts, and companies to remotely manage devices. If your child uses an iPad at school, they are probably already supervised.

Check this page to learn how to make your child's device supervised.

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