What Does Alaia Do and How Does It Work?

It’s up to you how much you get out of ALAIA. This wellbeing and mindfulness platform offers quality content for all ages.

You can unwind and relax with its guided meditations. Develop deep gratitude and positivity with its extensive library of mindfulness audio content.

Every day, you can answer the Daily Happiness Question and track your mindfulness progress over time. You also receive a Daily Positive Affirmation at the time of day of your choice to help you on your way.

Parents benefit from comprehensive oversight of their children’s online activity. Use ALAIA to restrict website browsing and reward children with screen time bonuses when they complete mindfulness exercises. Manage your family’s schedule by creating to-do lists in the app.

Create healthy habits, become more grateful, and live in the moment using ancient knowledge tailored for the 21st century.

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